Club House Attendant (Sports Management/Operations)

Company Name:
Pro Sports
Position Type:
The Club House Attendant (Clubbie) assists the players and coaching staff at all Aberdeen IronBirds home games while working with the Aberdeen IronBirds and Baltimore Orioles.
General Responsibilities:
Taking full care of the Aberdeen IronBirds players including all facilities, clubhouse, and equipment.
The Clubbie will clean the facilities, set up food for the team before and after games, and check out and secure all equipment for the team.
The on-site stadium kitchen prepares food for the players and coaches. The Clubbie is responsible for setting up the meal and cleaning up after the meal.
The Clubbie will see that the team has all the proper equipment when the bus is loaded for road trips.
The Clubbie will take care of all the managers, coaches, and players needs while working with the Orioles and IronBirds front offices.
The Clubbie is responsible for purchasing food for the home and visiting team clubhouses.
Required Skills
Pre-Season Clubhouse Responsibilities
Uniform inventory (pants, jerseys, belts, loops, socks, hats).
Equipment inventory (bats, pine tar, bat weights, catchers' gear, balls, etc.).
Cleaning (Both Clubhouses - coaches' room/bathroom, players' lobby, bathroom/shower, training area, entry/exit ways, lockers, umpires room, get all washers/dryers in proper working condition).
Hire and manage Bat Boys which includes training and developing a schedule.
Game Day Responsibilities
Laundry: Home team (personals, uniforms, staff shirts, towels, etc.).
Cleaning Home Clubhouse: bathrooms, shower, tables, training area, vacuum floors, pick-up trash.
The Orioles and IronBirds provide the majority of the clubhouse supplies.
Issue all necessary equipment to players and coaches.
Get umpires 6 to 7 dozen game balls with bag.
Have backup balls rubbed up and ready to go if balls during game run low.
Fill water coolers for home dugout.
Set out pine tar rag, mota sticks, bat weights, rosin bags (mound & on deck circle).
Customer Service
All home coaching staff/trainer's needs (post-game food, towels, fill coaches' refrigerator).
All visiting coaching staff/trainer's needs (post-game food, towels, fill coaches' refrigerator).
All umpires (pre-game beverages, post-game food, towels, and ticket requests).
All players' ticket requests/pre-game food (submit pass list in when gates open).
Complete requests from Orioles personnel.
Complete requests from IronBirds front office personnel.
Post-Game Duties
General cleaning of home clubhouse bathroom, lounge, coaches' office, training area and the back room.
Take all coaches and trainers their food that they requested for their post-game meal.
Laundry put away for players and staff.
Equipment pick-up and storage.
Any other request made by front office personnel.
Dugouts, bullpen, and field need to be cleared of all equipment, towels, coolers and brought back into the respective clubhouses at games completion.
Required Experience
High school diploma or GED.
Ability to work flexible hours (often times 10:00 a.m. - 2:00 a.m. during home games). When the team is on the road, the Clubbie is essentially off, unless there are special projects that need to be done.
Ability and willingness to supervise staff (Bat Boys) at all IronBirds games.
Friendly attitude.
Prior experience working in a sports-focused venue.
2 years of experience.

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